Thursday, July 30, 2009

Studio Re-do, Part Two

All of the painting things, buckets and boxes have been moved to the side, the floor has been mopped and I am ready to put up the table. I tend to be a perfectionist, so I'm fighting that by not getting every single thing into the perfect place before I can work here. If I can just start with a workable space, I will later move out more things that I'm not using and get it more organized. I did get my roll of seamless white background paper in the mail and bought a dowel to hang it on. My new lights were shipped five days ago and I breathlessly watch every UPS truck go by my house. Oh, yes, wait a minute Mr. Postman! Is there a package for me? I'm hoping that with new lights, I will be able to reduce my dependence on Photoshop to correct lighting issues. Can't wait!

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Curtis Collectables :) said...

Good luck on your new space. I hope it turns out well.