Friday, February 12, 2010

Giver of gifts

My little boy is almost always giving me gifts. I may be typing away on the computer or busy with laundry or cooking and there his is, with a little homemade card and possibly a toy. He surprises me with these things. I know that it's a way to get attention, but what a loving way it is. "It's for YOU!" he announces.

I think I'm supposed to take a break from my work at these times, to give the guy a hug and a kiss and a thank you. To display the work prominently. To notice. Yes, that's it, to notice, to take notice to pay attention. Zen and the art of little tiny construction paper hearts with my name on them. Because we are loved.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Being of Service

(c)2009 Jennifer Dennis Potter, all rights reserved.

For it is God who works in you to will and to act according to his good purpose.
-Philippians 2:13

I've been asked to be a deacon at our church. We've only been at this church for 6 months, so I was surprised to be asked. Maybe they're desperate! Just kidding, I think that God is giving me the opportunity to be of service. I will be part of a group of people who will visit the elderly in our church, send cards to people who are not well, stock the food pantry, make coffee for coffee hour, etc. It's hand-on work which I enjoy. I went to my first meeting the other night and it was fun. I get a little isolated being at home doing my work, as much as I love the flexibility and the ability to be home for my kids. There was a lot of laughter at this meeting and everyone was organized, too. It was a potluck dinner and there was some great food.

What good works are you being asked to do? What is pulling you forward? Maybe it's shoveling your neighbors walk after you are done shoveling yours. Maybe it's reading your daughter an extra story. Maybe it's donating those extra books to the library that you don't read anymore. Make no mistake, it is something. Just listen for what little or big thing it is.