Wednesday, February 2, 2011


This is not a brag. I don't mean it to be, anyway.

My kids got up today and it's a snow day. I offered to make muffins for them, to make the day more special. They said they wanted pancakes. I was reading to my son, so I asked my daughter to pull the Joy of Cooking off the shelf and look up the recipe in the index. They got the idea of making the pancakes themselves. My daughter got out the flour: whole wheat and white. "Where is the baking powder?" I heard from the kitchen. Now, they are both out there. "Careful cracking the eggs!"

I put the butter in the pan and got the temperature up to medium-high. Batter in, we watch for bubbles. Flip. A little too light, didn't flip quite right. Wait. Flip again. Ready!

They eat, knowing that they made them themselves. They taste better that way.