Friday, June 19, 2009

For the baby docs

I have had such a positive response to my children's name block photos that I decided to do a new line of photos that would be right for decorating a pediatrician's office. I thought of it last night, came up with some sample images today, listed it on Etsy and have had two inquiries about it today. I have all sorts of animals but thought some might not be right because no one wants to be a pig or a lion might be too predatory (and have the opposite of the desired effect on the children). So, the sample images are of gentle animals who children might feel calmed by seeing in the waiting room. I am always happy to answer any questions, just send me an Etsy conversation.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Etsy's Yart Sale

Just to let you know, I'm participating in an Etsy-wide sale, the Yart Sale. The word is a combination of "yard" and "art". I'm offering free international shipping today until Sunday.

Father's Day

This photo was featured today in The Storque: Etsy Finds!

I'm never quite sure what to get my Dad or my husband for father's day. This year, I will be taking our family to a German restaurant so that my husband can get all of the traditional sauerkraut and sausages that he can eat. That is his wish, and that's what were gonna do! My tradition with my Dad is that I send him a card, but always write in it something that I am grateful that he taught me or a good memory that I have of him. One year, I wrote to him about playing "horse", a basketball game. Long after my brother had lost patience with his little sister trying to make a basket, my Dad stayed with me and let me shoot and shoot until I got the hang of it. Most of my (underhand) shots slammed against the barn door and went flying back at me, but eventually, I got the physics of it right and made a decent shot. My Dad is a natural teacher. He was a professor of engineering when I was growing up and just always had the heart to stick with his students until they "got it". Thanks, Dad!