Tuesday, July 28, 2009

studio makeover phase 1

These are my "before" pictures (thank goodness, right?!). I am remodeling my "studio" space to be a mini-studio for taking photos. I have bought a new set of lights (they are en route), a fresh, new roll of seamless white paper and am gearing up to recreate the space. As you can see, the walls are black. We painted them black a few years back because this was my darkroom where I used to hand-print black-and-white wedding and portrait photos. A few years later, I decided to get back into painting with oils and made a few landscapes in this space. I haven't made a new painting in a year and have some unfinished ones here. Now, because of the work that I've been getting through Etsy, my real need for the space is to create a mini-studio. I've been using part of my daughter's room and a roll of big, white paper on her floor to make my photos. What I would like is a more permanent space, where I can leave the paper set up and continue work easily from one day to the next. I also would like for my work hours not to be limited by her bedtimes! So, this is phase 1. More to come !

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