Tuesday, January 26, 2010

At-home mom, a calling

I just want to write a word of encouragement to my fellow at-home moms. There are many reasons for what we do: we want to be our child's first educators, we don't want to fit seeing our kids and housework and shopping into the two days of the weekend and a few hours in the evenings, we want to take time to make a meal and not have to rush to throw something together after dealing with a demanding work schedule all day.
But I will speak for myself and say that if I can help it, I just don't want my kids to fall through the cracks: emotionally, spiritually and even physically. I keep reading news reports of kids who are struggling with obesity, kids who commit suicide (as young as 9 or 10), the rise of juvinile diabetes and other troublesome things. I was telling a friend about how I wanted to be with my kids when they were younger, and she said I think the middle and high school years are even more important. That was a couple of years ago and it made me think. Why should I stop being around just because my kids are school-aged? Who will get them off the bus, be there when they're sick, have half-days, help with homework, etc.? I don't want my kids to reach a point where they think that I chose work over them. Ever. I'm building my at-home businesses, living without a lot of luxuries, because it's always been about this calling, this pull. They need us and there is no replacement. Noone who is paid to watch them will love them as much as we do. So, I hope that you are encouraged about your value. What you are worth in your family is more precious than you are able to imagine.


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much! Bookmarking this when I need words of encouragement!

Anonymous said...

oh, and I just started a new blog about being a SAHM and sorting this all out in my muffled head. : } if you're interested. (changed my avatar too, if you're confused...)

Jennifer said...

Thanks, Sonia! I read your first post and am looking forward to reading more.

Big Yellow Dog said...

What a fantastic post!